Scandinavian education system helped me to experience something different. A teacher wasn’t just the higher authority but rather a partner who helps others to grow. My lecturing activities started with several invitations for short workshops and moved into the intense bootcamps where I love to take students on a journey to tackle complex problems, deal with ambiguity and create something meaningful at the end. Being a part of academia helps me to step out of daily business routines and keep learning through empowering other people to become confident makers through the use of design principles.

What is the bootcamp?

A bootcamp is an intense training program including several master classes. The whole bootcamp takes typically 40 hours of a teamwork.

usual boring classroom

A classroom turns into the design studio with several teams during the first hour.

while students get hands dirty

The bootcamp starts with a meeting and understanding each other and choosing the challenge. Then teams are ready to move on the journey where nothing is sure.

design thinking without post-its is like a car without an engine

Each student has an opportunity to strengthen hard and even soft skills thanks to the group setup and a role switching during the project. Roles as a researcher, strategist, storyteller, designer, developer and entrepreneur represent just a few of them. Students have to deal with ambiguity, changes, stress and improvisation but everything changes during the final day because they have to deliver a real problem and possible solutions.

role-act playing in the action

Every bootcamp should finish with relieve and strong experience. That is my job.

Why it matters?

Friction between academia and business

I’ve observed a friction between academia and the professional world by hiring, firing and leading a team of designers. Students leave school without being ready to start working in teams, deal with ambiguity and solve complex problems. They miss skills like adaptability, communication, collaboration, reflection, ability to approach a complex problem, critical thinking and dealing with ambiguity.

Experiments belongs to academia

Academia is a safe environment where anyone can experiment without harmful consequences and still have a fun.

Building a toolbox

It’s much easier to bake a cake with a recipe. Every student should leave with a perception about processes and methods. Once you have a toolbox how to approach daily work, you’ll never struggle the feeling what I am supposed to do now.

Bootcamp principles

The bootcamp principles come out of the user-centric design and lean business approach. My intention is to match theory with practice through learning by doing, collaboration and retrospectives.

collaboration, learning by doing & reflection

A crisis came to me after running this bootcamp for three years. The bootcamp was good enough by the student’s feedback but I started losing motivation without knowing really why. The reason was simple. My professional experience showed me that several things run differently in business than I actually believed to based on my theoretical knowledge. I was frustrated. So I changed the approach to bringing every-time some new activity to make it unique. I try to follow no bullshit policy so while I explore that some theory works differently in practice I’m not scared to change it or drop it. The overall approach should demonstrate to students how important is multidisciplinary nowadays and give them a sense about their future direction.

The bootcamp isn’t mine rocket science. I didn’t invent anything revolutionary yet. I’m open to using anything that I experience and learn from the world around us. The key resources are Thoughtful Interaction Design by Jonas Lowgren, The design of everyday things by Don Norman, Designing Interaction by Bill Moggridge and open resources from IDEO together with many more things.

For whom

Students of design, art, marketing, communication and any other field touching a problem-solving situations or any other students that become a part of a product or service in business (IT, marketing, finance, support, researches, etc.).

Just for students? Actually not. I’ve a little space to give public lectures or corporate training as well.

Interested in the bootcamp?

I like to open up a discussion via a short call or a cup of coffee. I’ve a several options how to get ball rolling. Introduction lecture, divided in-depth workshops, individual mentoring sessions or intensive bootcamp. We will find the best option based on your needs after the first meeting. Feel free to write me at